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Artist in Residence (AiR)

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AiR Program

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@ ACS Stepping Stone, Penang, Malaysia

General information

Brief description of organisation:

Asia Community Service (ACS) was established in October 1996 in Penang, Malaysia, as a welfarebased non-profit organisation. The main vision is to empower people with special needs towards a more meaningful and fulfilling life in the society.

The focus, however, is targeted towards young children with developmental delays and adults with intellectual disabilities. Our emphasis is placed on but not limited to social practice, local and community involvement, cross-disciplinary research and collaboration.

The ACS Stepping Stone Work Centre is located in the fishing village of Pulau Betong, in the south western district of Balik Pulau on Penang Island. The countryside is 90 minutes bus ride away from Georgetown and 30 minutes by bus from the airport. Pulau Betong is well connected to the rest of the Penang Island and with provided bicycle and public transport, it is possible to get around.

The Work Centre provides eco-friendly cottage industry for members with intellectual disabilities to
be involved in traditional local arts such as

  • batik tjanting and printing
  • textile weaving
  • handmade paper-making (using plant fibers)
  • handmade soap making (using used cooking oil)
  • ceramic pottery making

Brief description of Artist in Residence (AiR) programme:

AiR programme allows artists to expose themselves not just in the above activities by working alongside members with intellectual disabilities; but also to get immersed into the local culture, food and living.

While artists have the freedom to explore their own visual arts, they are expected to experiment with the current media at the centre while at the same time, identify and develop the potential of individual artists with special needs at the Work Centre.

The outcome where possible, will be a joint exhibition at the end of the AiR programme, featuring both the artist’s and the Stepping Stone members’ art work. This could be held as part of the monthly Little Penang Street Market or the annual Georgetown Festival event in July.

Residency Conditions

Duration of residency: 2 – 6 months (negotiable)

Number of artists at one time: 1-2 persons only (age 21 and above)


This residency is open and available to all emerging and established artists (local and from overseas).
Personal encounter or working experience with people with special needs is advantageous.

Candidate must be willing to be flexible and adventurous in exploring another culture. While working language is English and Malay, one must be prepared to express visually and communicate in alternative manner as well. Artists will have the ongoing moral support of local orientation and cultural adjustments.


Candidates are expected to be self-funded and responsible for their own travel arrangements, meals,
visa, insurance etc...

Only accommodation and some art-related materials will be provided by the hosting organisation.


Private room in a self-catering guest house located just next door to the Stepping Stone Centre. Facilities include shared bathroom, wifi, washing machine, kitchen, internet, television, bicycle etc...

Public Display:

An exhibition to be held at the end of the residency programme to present the AiR’s visual art work; with special feature on joint pieces produced together with members of the centre.

The artwork created in collaboration with or by the Stepping Stone members will stay the property of the organisation. If artwork (individual or collaborative) is sold during the exhibition, ACS Stepping Stone will charge a commission. Profits from the sale of the collaborative artwork will be divided accordingly.

Application Procedure

Send an email to acspenang@gmail.com with the subject heading ‘AiR Application’ attaching the following

  • resume
  • selected photos of 5-10 pieces (no more than 5MB file size) of any recent visual art work
  • reasons for application
  • proposed dates, months and duration

Application is open throughout the year; and selected or shortlisted candidates may be asked to have a chat about AiR possibilities via Skype.


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A visual glimpse of the work and living environment


A Non-Profit Organisation Providing Services To People With Special Needs, In Particular Reference To Those With Disabilities
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