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A member of International Toy Library Association (ITLA)


A Toy Library is a collection of toys, games and play materials which can be loaned out. A toy library can have multiple objectives; but to remain distinct from other services available to families and children, it should first and foremost promote the importance of play.  A Mobile Toy Library is not a toy delivery service; it aims to make available stimulating play resources to the community that do not have access to such a service.


Playing for the sake of play has often been overlooked in favour of the more immediate objectives of educational play as defined by educators. The obligation to learn, memorise, recognise and to name exact and predetermined concepts seems to oppose the pleasure of spontaneously acquiring the same skills.

It is possible to play, have fun and yet, still learn many things. Free play, in the context of a toy library, is associated rather with the form of flexibility and spontaneity that should to some extent reflect the child's liberty to choose the toy that he wants to play with and with whom he wants to play.

Learning through play within the context of free choice means to progress naturally towards knowledge without the burden of academic obligation. Parents and caregivers need to understand the role of toys and play in the child’s development without placing undue stress on the child to perform. JOM provides a non-stressful environment to help children build friendships and take on responsibilities. There are opportunities to socialize while learning the importance of sharing, taking turns and being responsible to care for the toys.


"Jom" in the Malay Language means "Let's Go". Therefore, in a sense, Jom! Mobile Toy Library brings a warm invitation of "Let's play" and "Let's have fun".

Our primary aims are

To stimulate and promote the pleasures of play (with or without toys)
To encourage spontaneous learning, leisure and fun through the enjoyment of toys, games and play materials

Our primary focus is to service and support those who are not receiving any assistance at all, for example, children with severe disabilities residing particularly in the rural areas.


Some of the services of JOM include :

Make available for loan a wide selection of toys and play materials.
Demonstrate, facilitate and conduct play sessions.
Offer an outlet for sharing of ideas and information among members, families, staff and the community.
Provide opportunity for building friendships in a friendly environment.
Help parents and care-givers understand the role of toys and play materials in their child's development.
tick Organise and conduct toy-making workshops.
Promote and help organise World Play Day events celebrated world-wide on May 28th.


JOM! Mobile Toy Library, which started in April 2001, runs its services on the mainland of Penang through selected locations such as PDK (Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti or CBR) Centres run by the Welfare Department; as well as some NGOs and homes of individuals with severe disabilities.

The schedule of visits is monthly to each location. A regular visit by the Mobile Toy Library is an event that children living in the remote and rural communities look forward to with joy and enthusiasm. The anticipation itself can also be part of the play spirit during the sessions


Due to our own limitations, membership is currently opened only to individuals with special needs. Eventually, it is our hope that our services can be extended to all children in the community.

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JOM! welcomes the participation of volunteers in its day-to- day operations (e.g., setting up toy areas and cleaning the toys after the play). We would love to have more play-mates to play with the children during the activities. Then as a number of toys get broken, we could use ‘play doctors’ to repair the toys or even those who can create new ones! As a large number of toys are being loaned out on a regular basis, we would also appreciate contributions of toys or finances to buy new toys.

Please click here if you are interested to volunteer with us.



World Play Day 28th May 2010 at Sri Pelita Primary School.

The 12th International Toy Library Conference will be held in Brazil from Oct 11th - 15th 2011.

A Non-Profit Organisation Providing Services To People With Special Needs, In Particular Reference To Those With Disabilities
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