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53 Jalan Baru, Mk I Pulau Betong,
11000 Balik Pulau, Penang.
Tel : 604 - 8665349
Fax : 604 - 8665887


Increasing the employability of persons with disabilities has always been one goal of independent living within the broader goals of consumer decision-making control and community participation.

Employment is an avenue to economic independence, enroute to social identification, and a source for personal networking for most adults in our society. In our adult years, we define ourselves by our careers, support our lifestyles throught our wages,and develop our friendship through our workplace.

Unfortunately, for many persons with intellectual disabilities, employment and associated benefits of employment have not been a realistic option.


Stepping Stone Centre is a part of Asia Community Service's Support Centre for Community Living project, which provides a work place for people with special needs.

The project is in line with the UN-ESCAP declaration of "full participation and equal opportunities for people with disabilities" in the community. With an initial grant assistance from International Post Office Volunteers' Fund, the Centre which is based in Balik Pulau, a rural district of Penang Island, began its operations in February 2000.


Stepping Stone Centre aims to challenge society's conventions by offering people with intellectual disabilities work opportunities.

For many of our members this is a rare experience of acceptance and respect, in a society that often rejects those whose difference we fear. This means seeing people with intellectual disabilities as having the same rights, hopes and expectations as any other individual.

We believe that they are people with gifts to offer, experiences to teach and hopes to fulfill. As such, this workplace offering job opportunities will be a stepping stone for them to be more economically independent in ensuring them a valued role in the community.


To provide work for the members with intellectual disabilities in the areas of baking cakes, hand weaving, home made soap and candle making..
To support the members in their choice of the work areas depending on their interest..
To motivate and develop work attitudes and social skills..
To offer behavioral support, health and safety support, and financial management support..
To encourage self determination and decision making in members.
To have opportunities to establish and maintain friendships and relationships.
To enhance awareness of quality of life outcomes that results from the opportunity to work.


In a conventional way of thinking, people with disabilities must acquire and must consistently prescribe skills and competencies, such as reading, writing, independent in taking the bus etc… before they are considered a candidate for a real job.

The sad fact is that while some may take too long a time to reach that required level, some others will never ever be ready for work.

However, we realise that supports are one to help people with disabilities become more independent and able to control the direction of their own lives.

Therefore in ACS Stepping Stone, we want to view the people with intellectual disabilities as bringing skills and abilities rather than limitations and incapacity. We believe that with the necessary support and given opportunities, the members can develop career growth.

Hence, the Centre provides on-the-job training in the following work sections that have been identified i.e.:

tick Hand Weaving & Yarn Dyeing Section
tick Creative crafts Section : Batik blok printing / batik canting / tie-dyeing / handmade soap / handmade paper / handmade candle
tick Bakery & Cooking Section : Biscuit / cake / bun / tart / fruit jam / lunch
tick Pottery Section : Handbuilding products
tick Production Section : Sewing / paper bag making / displaying finished products
tick Recycling Section
tick Gardening Section

The woven products, soap and candle are produced under the brand name (Dari ACS), which will in time communicate to the community the ability and skills of the members.


YB Tuan Haji Muhd Farid Hj Saad, Advisor
Tuan Haji Hassim bin Md. Rashid, Chairman
Tan Kim Hoon
Abdul Hamid Abdul Razak
Yukezri bin Mohd Yusoff
Ismail Yein
Zaiton Samat
Roslina Ahmad
Rosima Ahmad
Mrs Ang
Hasra Othman
Ang Sai Eng



A Non-Profit Organisation Providing Services To People With Special Needs, In Particular Reference To Those With Disabilities
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