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Training Programme


This Training programme started in 1983 by the Japan National Council of Social Welfare with the purpose of cultivating human resources in the field of social welfare in Asian countries. It aims at encouraging the Asian social welfare workers to be a person who can contribute and promote the development of social welfare in their home countries..

In addition, this training program aims at establishing reliable human relations through mutual understanding and interpersonal exchanges with other trainees as well as with the Japanese social workers, and contributing to the development of social welfare in Asia.

The duration of the Programme which was for one year has been shortened to 9 months and is usually held from mid-March to December. About 5 7 persons from various Asian countries are invited.

Click here for to view the programme and application guidelines, basic policy and rules, application form (individual), application form (organisation), medical history, certificate of health, certificate of employment/reinstatement, summary of sending organisation, pledge form (ministry of justice), pledge form (JNCOSW) and recommendation letter. Please notify us should you be interested as fresh application forms will only be posted in September / October each year.


The MAKATON Vocabulary is a Language Programme which provides a basic means of communication and encourages language development in children and adults with communication difficulties.

It comprises a small vocabulary of specially selected concepts / ideas graded in complexity, which are considered to be most appropriate for the needs of children and adults with communication and language difficulties. The initial stages introduce the Vocabulary required to express basic ideas, and more complex concepts are introduced in the subsequent stages.

The Vocabulary is generally taught with speech and signs, but if required, speech + signs + symbols may be used in combination. The choice of the method will depend on the needs of the child or adult with learning difficulties and people such as yourselves who play a significant role in their lives.

A One-Day Beginners Workshop can be arranged for a small group of parents and teachers in one location. The 6 hour workshop will be conducted by Ms Terri Faust is a Speech Language Pathologist attached to Asia Community Service and / or Ms. Khor Ai-Na, Executive Director of the Asia Community Service in Penang. Both of them are Makaton Representatives in Malaysia.

Please contact us for more details and arrangements for workshops.

Please visit www.makaton.org for more details about Makaton.


ACS’ Centres have also been placement centres for the training of Special Education, Speech Therapy, Social Work, Psychology and Medical students both from local and overseas universities on a regular basis. Some of these institutions of higher learning include USM, UKM, Help Institute, IMU and Hogeschool Ghent Belgium.Whereas many individual students of various disciplines from overseas have come from Switzerland, Germany, United States, Australia, Japan and the United Kingdom. Their internships have ranged from a week to several months throughout the year.


On an ad-hoc basis, ACS organises training workshops for the benefit of staff workers, teachers, parents and volunteers from non-governmental organisations as well as governmental agencies. This is normally conducted in conjunction with local visiting professionals as well as those from oversea.

ACS' Centres have also served as training placements for the practicum training of Speech Therapy and Social Work students from both local and overseas' universities on a regular basis.

In 2004, ACS was also selected to be a partner in providing placements for special education teachers trainees of the undergraduate course run by the School of Education, Universiti Sains Malaysia.


A Non-Profit Organisation Providing Services To People With Special Needs, In Particular Reference To Those With Disabilities
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